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Our primary work involves Church & school building in the village of Dupuy, near the city of Thiotte in the south/east of Haiti.

Church/School building Dupuy, Haiti

Dupuy Morning Haiti

Front & Side door view of church we plan to change. Regular attendance is standing shoulder to shoulder each Sunday.

Classroom funding Dupuy, Haiti

Dupuy Morning Haiti
Dupuy School Haiti

Student Education Support

Student fees & supplies
Uniforms & shoes
Daily meals
Teachers salaries


Ministry - Visitation

Dupuy Morning Haiti

Muddy road of Dupuy, Pastoral visit to a home sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Construction Project

Construction Project Haiti

Our plan is for a new church & school building in Dupuy. Multi-purpose buildings are the way of life in Haiti  

Prayer - Salvation in Dupuy, Haiti

Dupuy Morning Haiti

Many young men in Haiti are sincere in wanting to know what we were doing there. Many of these men received Jesus as their Savior when we traveled through the area.

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Pastor BettyMeet the men and women who are furthering the purposes of God in the earth through Radiant Life Plus Ministries. Our board of directors...

  • Courses & Seminars
Throughout a calendar year, Radiant Life Plus Ministries conducts several seminars and training conferences. One such endavour is our annual Pastor's Conference in Haiti.