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About Radiant Life Plus Ministries
Welcome to Radiant Life Plus Ministries. We are a non-profit, faith-based organization, determined to positively impact the world through education, hands-on nations development, and the empowerment of individuals. Though our centre of operations is in Toronto, Canada, our influence is global in nature. With the Word of God as our foundation, we provide the blueprints with which accurate Christian life can be built. ___________________________________________________________________


RADIANT LIFE PLUS MINISTRIES is committed exclusively to teachings consistent with the Word of God.

Doctrinal Statement:

BIBLE: We believe that the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God and the complete revelation of His mind and will in matters of salvation and life. It is our infallible and all-sufficient guide; therefore we give to it the place of supreme authority.

GOD: God is the one infinite and eternal self-existent One, Creator, Controller and Sustainer of all things. This Divine One is tri-personal, involving the distinctions of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, co-equal in attributes and the acts of creation and the redemption.

THE LORD JESUS CHRIST: Jesus Christ, eternally God the Son, by His incarnation through the virgin birth, became what He never was before, Perfect Man, though never ceasing to be what He always was, Perfect God. Thus combining in one Person two natures, both complete and forever more, this sinless One, in full obedience to the divine will, suffered the death of the cross. He rose bodily from the grave and ascended into heaven, where He functions as Great High Priest and Advocate for the redeemed.

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Eternal Spirit proceeded from the Father, in the name of the Son. He is the source of all life/LIFE and the Holy Scriptures. He convicts men of sin, guides to repentance, endows with faith and seals every believer unto the day of redemption.

MAN: Man came into existence by a distinct act of creation. God created man in His image, capable of communication and personal relationship with Himself. Man sinned and is now the object of redemption. Before him is the certainty of future judgment and unending personal existence.

SIN: By Adam sin entered the world and thereby all men inherited physical and spiritual death. All men are born with a depraved disposition and naturally sin in thought, word and deed.

REDEMPTION: Man is freed from the condemnation of sin by repentance and accepting, through faith, Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Salvation results not only in deliverance from final judgment in the life to come, but also in the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit for the deliverance from sin in this present life.

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  • Pastor BettyMeet the men and women who are furthering the purposes of God in the earth through Radiant Life Plus Ministries. Our board of directors...

  • Courses & Seminars
  • Throughout a calendar year, Radiant Life Plus Ministries conducts several seminars and training conferences. One such endavour is our annual Pastor's Conference in Haiti.